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There is nothing more calming than an organized home.

And that's why I love what I do.

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Hello, I'm Ange

I'm a wife to the most amazing husband who appreciates my need to regularly declutter our home but is sometimes worried that I may ‘accidently’ declutter him. I’m also a mom to two incredible children who have grown up around my desire to keep a simple and organized lifestyle, that they too have learned through my actions how to do the same. In my spare time, I enjoy being active outdoors biking, hiking, gardening, cheering my kids on in their sports and laughing with friends.

I have a background in business, and more specifically in Human Resources and payroll, but my passion has always been decluttering and organizing the spaces around me. I became a Trained Professional Organizer in 2022 and LOVE the decluttering stage the most! I find that most people need to declutter more, not organize more. When you focus on decluttering as your priority, you will find that the secondary part of organizing becomes much easier because you have a manageable number of items to keep organized.

I'm passionate about living my best life full of purpose and intention and hope to help others do the same.

Ange Dewar


Interior Design

How I Can Help You

Home Organizing

Going through your possessions and decluttering can be emotionally daunting and physically exhausting. I will walk  you through the process of deciding what items to keep and what items to let go.

Settling In

 Get unpacked and organized at the same time! I will help you unpack and organize so you can settle into your new home as quickly as possible and begin living the next chapter of

your life.

Home Staging

When you put your home up for sale you want to showcase your home and not its contents. Together we will declutter and sort into "pack", "donate", "dispose", and "keep", getting your home ready for potential buyers.

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